Online Roulette in South Africa

Various European casinos have taken advantage of the unclear regulations around online gambling in South Africa recently. These casinos have been allowed to take ZAR bets and offer payouts in the same currency. They bring with them all types of casinos games imaginable. To see casinos in South Africa that offer Roulette for real ZAR money, do a search for southafrica-online-casino and you might get lucky with some bonuses.

These new casinos have partnered with the best providers of games in the online gambling industry and South African Roulette players are sure to find a few variants of the game, including the European-, American- and French Roulette versions. These casinos as also bound to offer the unique experience of the Live Dealer Roulette Casino which brings the players the excitement and live dealer action of a land-based casino to his desktop or mobile.

The history of online Roulette

The history of the game can in some shape or form be traced back to the 1700s when a Frenchman inadvertently invented a Roulette wheel when he was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. Later the mechanics of the Roulette game was forged through a combination of this wheel and the Italian game Biribi. The game quickly spread throughout Europe among the aristocracy, and later found its way into the Americas.

The basic gameplay and the rules of the game remained the same through the centuries and things were added to keep the house advantage up, such as the double zero for American Roulette. When the game transitioned to the Internet, nothing really changed except that game software makers got a bit more creative with the interface and some bet options that were added. The Internet brought the game in reach of the ordinary player.

The rules of Roulette

Before we look at the rules of Roulette it is worth mentioning that the gameplay of Roulette is fairly basic and also has not changed through the years. The players places his bets on the numbered Roulette table, the croupier or the software spins the wheel, the ball lands in one of the numbered slots and the player sees if his bet combination received any payout. The recent number history will be displayed near the table.

The bet options of Roulette is bit more complicated but if the player can play the game for free at first, then this will benefit him. Together with a Roulette strategy chart, the player will be able to form his own strategy according to his bankroll, ability and his appetite for risk. In the main, the bet options available to the players is divided into Inside bets and Outside bets.

The Roulette Bet options

When playing Roulette for real money at first the newbie Roulette player is advised to have his Roulette strategy focus on Outside Bets. These bet options are found on the outside edge of the Roulette table and usually pay out a bit less but there is a bigger chance that the players hits one. Options are for example: Odds vs Evens, Red vs Black, Low numbers vs High numbers and column bets.

Inside bets on the other hand carry greater risk but then pay out bigger if the combinations are hit. Players with big bankrolls and that are confident in their strategy are recommended to follow an inside bet strategy. Bet options can be a single number bet, two adjacent number bets or a street bet where three adjacent numbers are chosen. The odds for these bets options are much bigger than those of the Outside bets.


When to play Roulette for real

The online casinos landscape for real-money Roulette has changed since the old days where illegal operators took unsuspecting South African players for a ride. The vague legislation and bureaucratic bungling has opened the doors for European casinos sporting the coveted MGA license to enter the country (with their game providers and awesome casino table games) and offer their Roulette game variants to accept ZAR-based bets and offer ZAR-based payouts.

Be sure to investigate these casinos first and vet their licenses before signing up for real Roulette game play. There are various ways to see if these casinos are legal such as contacting their customer support lines or going through the terms and conditions that govern their financial transactions. Look for as much evidence of licensing, certifications and audit results before committing your details and your money to any casino.